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Updating the traditional classroom listening center

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Here are my classroom rules/procedures for Listen to Reading.

General rules: We reviewed all of these rules every day for a week.

Our students need to see that we are following the best research in designing our teaching approaches, just as we require them to follow the best research in doing their course work.

Many of the changes students will see in our teaching approach can be explained by our desire to bring our teaching into harmony with the new discoveries about how the human brain learns.

It just sort of sounds good as it rolls of the tongue, student-centered classroom.

We've all heard the phrase coined before, yet most educators would agree that developing a student centered classroom is becoming more of a necessity and norm these days than a luxury or innovative new approach to teaching.

Due to diversity of background, attitude, and other factors, the ideal of Socratic small group interaction at a high level is often beyond practical attainment in many traditional classrooms.

A really good teacher can make the traditional classroom an exciting place, and the same is true for the online classroom.

The specific goals of any class, or course, must be clear in the mind of the teacher, as well as the best methods for the type of classroom, and type of content presented.

Then try modifying this phrase for just tutorials and experiment with different keywords. For more on searching skills see Google's link to Advanced Search and Searching Tips at this lesson, we'll explore the unique benefits of both the traditional classroom and the "online classroom" and using both together, called "blended learning." You'll begin to explore good teaching strategies for all three combinations.

(include the quotes and parentheses) "elementary reading" AND (tutorial* OR lesson* OR course*) Then substitute "elementary reading" for something you're interested in.