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Most natural diamonds are formed at high temperature and pressure at depths of 140 to 190 kilometers (87 to 118 mi) in the Earth's mantle.
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She’s ruthless, she’s mean and she’s cutthroat, and I think you could have a lot of fun with her. So, read it and let me know if you want to do it, and the guys are gonna call you.” It just all came together and worked out perfectly.

It could not be a more fun show to work on, let alone this character is just competitive. It’s definitely been my incentive for the gym lately.

star revealed that at first, she didn't think that as a couple, they'd come along as far as they have.

"When I met Carlos, I had never dated a Latin guy ...

Had you been talking to them about doing something on the show?

ALEXA VEGA: Robbie Amell, who plays Stephen on the show, is a close friend of mine. I had read this script and loved it, and I had watched the pilot episode.

“Hello fiancé…” the 25-year-old actress wrote on her Instagram account with a photo of Carlos, 24. Now we just need to get back…” Carlos wrote on his Instagram account on Wednesday (September 11) along with a photo of Alexa wearing her ring.

The couple has been together since late last year and it looks like he may have popped the question on a romantic road trip.

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I wish I could explain how my heart feels when we play that.” For more from Alexa, visit Fit

That’s literally all the kid wanted to do, and I say all that because we all dream. This movie’s message is dream big, work hard, and persistence—and yes, it’s a bunch of Latinos, and it’s Latin pride—but I feel like it’s meant for so many other people because it’s that underdog story, and everybody can relate to an underdog.

Big Time Rush, for us, the way that we did the show, we were underdogs, and I feel like that’s why it was a success because it wasn’t like “Hey, we’re here, we’re famous, love us!

The film, produced by George Lopez, details the true story about four undocumented students who defied the odds and won big in an underwater robotics competition. So he’s like “What can I do to make something of myself?

In his first starring film role, Pena Vega shines brighter than Times Square at night. It’s about four undocumented students from Phoenix, Arizona. ” So he enters a robotics competition that if he wins people like NASA, people of all these huge corporations, can sponsor you for college and can give you internships, jobs.