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I rarely relied on my family and friends in times of need, and learned to bottle things up.

But when times got really tough, I realized being independent does not mean you have to rely only on yourself.

That said, here’s a handy guide on what not to say for all you potential paramours out there — it applies equally to queer dating culture as it does to straight.

I would love to go to an Indian wedding — is it like the movies?

Phelps’ dating life has been a topic of speculation for years.

Ever since breaking up with ex-girlfriend Megan Rossee last year, there have been a lot of questions about whom the Olympic hero is dating. [Related: Michael Phelps and girlfriend Win Mc Murry at the ESPYs] In case you’re new to the story, Phelps went public with Rossee, a model, during the London Olympics.

I was taught to live by Sikh morals and values, and our faith teaches us to be warriors, so sometimes expressing my feelings and asking for help was not always the first route taken.

Also, naturally, being the middle child, suffering from middle child syndrome, I bottled things up.

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A Jewish friend of mine remarked once, only half joking, that he believed Indians are the true Chosen People. I lived in India for about three years and my husband (currently known as my hus Pad, thanks to his appropriating the i Pad he "gave me," -- but that is another column) is from New Delhi, which, in addition to providing me with lots of Indian friends and in-laws, have given me a pretty good perspective on the desirability of the people from the world's largest democracy -- and how to woo them. If you are pinched for time, you can simply claim SRK is your favorite and move on. You don't want your date to think that if things go south, you will resort to stalking.

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:) Arjun contacted me on Desi Kiss and our lives haven't been the same since.

Finding a place that plays Bhangra music and going there together is sure to get you something straight from the Kama Sutra, especially if you exhibit the right dance moves, i.e. You can get the basic spices in most grocery stores. I got a tourist book and told him among other things, that I was missing my green socks.

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